15 most breathtaking places you need to see!!✈

We love this post of the 15 most breathtaking place you need to see. We will certainly be putting these places on our wish list!!

Shine on you Crazy Diamond

With me being a mother of three it’s of no surprise my expenses are near non-exsistent, so jet setting around the world isn’t on my list anytime soon. It got me thinking though.. wouldn’t it be much nice to take a virtual vacay.. well here we go 15 of the most beautiful and breathtaking places that I just had to share..along with some knowledgeable.. it goes a long way so enjoy

Zhangye Danaxia landform ,Ganshu China




THE breahthtaking rainbow formation is the result of red sandstone being laid down over a 24-million year period.  Lovely right!?

Neaschawanstein Castle, Bovaria Germany



A 19th century Romanesque revival palace sits on a rugged hill over looking a village in southwest Bavaria, germany.  This beautiful and regal castle was the inspiration for Disney’s sleeping beauty castle, now tell me you wouldn’t want to play  princess even  if only a  night here!

The fairy pools…

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