Top Five Greece Breaks

Pack your bags because we’ve got some gorgeous Holidays in Greece that have just landed!

Whether you’re dreaming of sun-soaked family holidays in Corfu, romantic trips for two in Santorini or exploring the city of Rhodes, you’ll find something for a lot less than you think!

Here’s our top five Greece Breaks:

1. Corfu 



2. Crete



3. Rhodes



4. Kos 



5. Santorini 



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Glasto Blues? Why Not Fly Away This Weekend?

Got the festival blues? Is everyone you seem to know going to festivals over the next few weeks? Why not do something better and jet away aboard instead?

Who wants to spend a week in the UK covered in mud when you could be exploring a new amazing city, or lying on a hot beach somewhere soaking up the sun?

If you really want to get a fun break away then why not look at some of our top flight offers this week, they just can’t be missed!

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Top Travel Deals in June


Why spend your summer sitting at your desk staring out the window when you could be doing the same on a plane? Get the suitcases down, the sun cream out and make your dream a reality.

The weathers getting warmer and the suns beginning to shine! You know what that means, its holiday time; and here at Hotel Exclusives know exactly what’s on your mind – Where’s Hot in June?

Just because you’re on a budget doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take a break! We have plenty of last minute deals for short haul beach holidays on the European Coast!  With plenty of luxurious beach or city destinations you’ll get the dose of Vitamin D you so desperately need.

We’ve got some great value travel deals for June so why not take a peek at our gorgeous June Holidays and start packing!

  1. Costa Del Sol

Weather: Highs of 27 Degrees Celsius and 11 Hours of Sunshine,



The Flight to Costa Del Sol is 3 Hours Long. There are many things to do other than just the beaches such as the very popular water parks and aquariums. Make sure you stop off and visit one of these!

  1. Canary Islands

Weather: Highs of 25 Degrees Celsius and 10 Hours of Sunshine



Tenerife is set to be one of the most popular Canary Islands to visit this year and there’s just so much you don’t want to miss. Take a hike up Mount Tidie and while you’re up their visit the national park. Tenerife is also well known for its fabulous markets so don’t forget to drop by!

  1. Rhodes

Weather: Highs of 28 Degrees Celsius and 11 Hours of Sunshine



Greece is the popular destination this year and that’s why there are two top places in Greece to visit this June. Rhodes’ hidden culture makes it a very popular travel destination. Make sure you take time to visit to the Archaeological Museum of Rhodes or the modern Greek Art Museum.

  1. Algarve

Weather: Highs of 30 Degrees Celsius and 12 Hours of Sunshine



Everyone loves Portugal. Every summer it is one of the most popular places to visit. Is it because of the beaches? The food? The Waterparks? Maybe it’s a combination of all three! So make sure that when you go you don’t forget to try at least one!

  1. Crete

Weather: Highs of 28 Degrees Celsius and 11 Hours of Sunshine



Crete is more of the beach break, relaxation holiday in Greece. With clear blue seas, a beach day is a must. So kick back relax and visit Crete this summer!

  1. Venice

Weather: Highs of 24 Degrees Celsius and 13 Hours of Sunshine



If beach breaks aren’t your thing then why not visit Venice but still have the opportunity to enjoy the sunshine. Make sure you take a ride on the Grand Canal and visit Saint Marks whilst enjoy the buzzing atmosphere that is Italy. Share a pizza or a string of spaghetti with the ones you love this summer.


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