Springtime Bedroom Bliss!


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It’s great to get away from it all for a short spring break so you can unwind from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. If you want to enjoy this relaxing ‘holiday feeling’ at home then start by creating a bedroom environment that will ensure you get a good night’s sleep, every night. Here’s 5 top tips from the experts at Warren Evans bed makers:

  1. Test your Mattress – the key to waking up refreshed and ready-to-go is sleeping on a mattress that gives you the perfect amount of support across your whole body. If your mattress feels lumpy, dips in the middle or shows signs of wear then it’s probably time for a new one. And if it leaves you feeling achy then it’s definitely too old (or might be the wrong one for your current body type)! If your mattress is OK then give it a good vacuum and turn it at least every 6 weeks, wash your mattress protector regularly too.
  1. Declutter for Bedroom Bliss – take out everything that shouldn’t be in a bedroom. A bedroom should have a bed, a wardrobe (for your clothes), a chest of drawers (for sleepwear, t-shirts, jumpers etc.) and some bedside tables (for underwear and socks). A few books, an alarm clock and a light on the top of your bedside table and you’re sorted.


  1. Invest in Good Storage Furniture – our range of underbed storage and linen boxes are great for keeping bedroom linens and fresh towels neat. Our divans are also fantastic for relevant bedroom items, helping you to keep organised and orderly. Resist the urge to store lots of knickknacks, photos or memorabilia in your drawers. It’s important not to sleep on lots of clutter; it’s just not restful.


  1. Style with Simplicity – it’s easy to clutter your bedroom with mirrors, artwork, accessories, throws and ornaments – but try and keep it really simple. Just have one piece of artwork and one mirror on the wall (if space allows) and try to avoid ornaments altogether as they accumulate on surfaces and gather dust (not great for allergies!).   Warren Evans -Camden (002)
  1. Bigger Bed the Better our national Sleep Survey found that those sleeping in smaller beds are more likely to be woken by their partner than those in king-size beds or larger. Dave Gibson, our trusted Sleep Advisor says: “It’s really important that you and your partner have enough room to move comfortably in bed. You should both be able to put your arms behind your head without elbows touching.”

For more great tips and info head to Warren Evans’ online magazine, Inspire Me where you’ll also find our fabulous competition to win a super 5* hotel spring break!

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