Christmas celebrations around the world – give it a go!

When it comes to Christmas day most of us celebrate with a gift filled stocking and a big old turkey feast followed by Christmas pudding and brandy sauce. However if you fancy something a little different, step across the channel and celebrate the big day on 24th December or head down to the southern hemisphere and slip on a bikini instead of a woolly jumper! This quick guide may whet your appetite for Christmas with a difference, but be quick, it’s not long now until Santa’s busiest day!

Pack the factor 50 and head down to the carnival city of Rio for a sun and fun filled Christmas. Decorative lights, gifts and cards are in abundance and a snowy scene is not uncommon despite the searing heat! Trees are put up on 24th December and Christmas dinner is served later that evening with fruit, fried cod and fruit punch on the menu! With midnight mass completing the celebrations, the 25th can be spent recovering from all the Christmas fun.

If you like the idea of sweets in your shoes, big horned monsters and carp for dinner then the place to be is Germany! On 5th December, St Nicholas delivers sweets and chocolates to well behaved children while his devil-like servant “Krampus” visits those who have been naughty. Christmas day is spent feasting on cold meats and cheese for breakfast, yummy stollen for tea and dinner of turkey or goose with dumplings, potatoes and cabbage.


Christmas in Denmark is filled with singing, surprises and Glogg! On Christmas Eve a delicious meal is enjoyed followed by rice pudding dessert with a difference. Hidden inside is a whole almond and whoever finds it will have good luck the following year. After the meal everyone celebrates by dancing and singing around the house. As the children open their presents, parents relax and enjoy some Glogg – or mulled wine as we say!

If one day of celebrating is not enough then head to Iceland where they start the party four Sundays before Christmas day and end on 6th January. This festive period is filled with mystical creatures who leave presents for children, a baking frenzy of gingerbread cookies, elves and Icelanders dancing around bonfires and amazing New Year fireworks blowing the old year away.


When it comes to fine dining, we all know France is the place to be! Out go the brussel sprouts and cranberry sauce and in come lobster, oysters, escargot and foie gras! This luxurious feast is traditionally held on 24th December and runs long into the night. With no celebration complete without a glass of champagne, sit back and celebrate the French way!

So there you have it, a taste of Christmas abroad! Why not give it a go, it couldn’t be easier, just visit today and take a look at our amazing travel offers.

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