Top 10 Tips for the Best Summer Holiday

Now is the perfect time to pull out all the stops and book the best summer holiday ever! It won’t be long till you’re not so little ones are jetting off on their own so make this a summer holiday to remember! Plus, you deserve the perfect break too after all you hard work!

  1. The Perfect Destination

To have the best break ever you first need to decide on a destination. We are all becoming so soaked up in our own little worlds, especially due to technology constantly evolving and not being able to leave our smart phones for a minute. For the best summer holiday this year, you need a destination that’s go everything covered so you leave the mobile phone in the apartment/bag and go and have some real fun!


  1. It’s not about the money, honey

It has been proven that our happiness is more closely related to relationships than money. Most people think they would be happier if they won the lottery. Yes, you probably would for about six months, but the effect soon wears off and many wish they had never won in the first place. This means holidays are less about the destination or the money you spend on it, and more about the people you go with, so make sure you pick the right ones… Just joking, take your whole family along if you want to! Make sure that rather than sharing your pictures with people on social media, share the experience with who you’re actually with, it will make for a happier holiday.

  1. Seek cooler climates

Studies have shown that temperature has a bigger impact on our happiness than any other aspect of the weather, such as wind or rain, and your happiness can have a very large impact on the rest of the group you’re with. More than likely, if you’re not happy then neither is everyone else! Happiness is maximised at 13.9C so technically, you’re more likely to find the happiest temperature in Dorset than the Dominican Republic.

  1. Use tech less

It might sound backward in 2017, but the use of tech can stunt our happiness. When we sit with friends and family, we often feel we should be reading something online, checking messages or doing work at the same time. Take time away from technology, especially when you’re on holiday, to enjoy the moment. This will not only boost your happiness but will help you retain memories for the future.


  1. Stop “stuffocating”

Putting less emphasis on material things will make your summer more memorable. Most of us think our happiness depends entirely on material possessions, when really it is much more to do with how much stuff we do with our time. Use this summer break to care less about what you own and instead enjoy the free things life has to offer!

  1. Take a “fake-ation”

Science surrounding being happy suggests that planning a trip, even if you don’t actually go on it, will make you happier. One study found the highest spike in happiness came during the planning stage as people enjoy the sense of anticipation and the social process of planning something with friends, a partner or family. The effect of so-called “vacation anticipation” boosts happiness for up to eight weeks. So, start planning now!

shutterstock_377492593 (1)

  1. Don’t wait

Top tip … enjoy the days in between waiting for any planned trips! Too many people focus on the countdown to their holidays and fall into the trap of accidentally wishing their lives away.  One secret to happiness is to also enjoy the days between the big events.

  1. Getting There

Aim to arrive at the airport, train station or bus depot well in advance. At this time of year, they resemble Dante’s little-known 10th circle of hell. It’s going to be a busy one as everyone will plan to go around the same time due to the school breaks. So, make sure you plan in advance, leave enough travel time and go well prepared – take snacks if you have too, to avoid a certain someone becoming hangry!

  1. Whilst you’re there

Make sure you stay hydrated and have plenty of sun cream on! We know what you’re thinking and yes, a nice cold beer or glass of wine will help you to cool down, but you also need plenty of the clear stuff! Drinking plenty of water will make sure you are fully hydrated all day, so no headaches, it also helps keep you cool too. Don’t be shy where sun cream is concerned. Apply liberally and regularly and make sure you don’t miss tricky bits like your ears and nose that tend to catch the sun more than you expect. Be particularly aware to reapply when you are in and out of the water


  1. Sit back, relax, and have fun!

After all, this is what you went away for. Take time to really enjoy yourself and forget the stress of being a work or doing the school run.  Enjoy your glass of wine by the pool, take out a new book and have a read, or put your headphones in and block everyone else out. After all, when you go back to reality when are you going to have me time like this again?


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