When to go to Italy and why

Home to fascinating historical art, outstanding beaches, infinite beauty and the best pizza and wine, where do you possibly start when planning your perfect holiday to Italy? With so many great aspects to consider it’s no wonder why Italy attracts so many people from all over the world when the choice of places to see and things to do are endless. Whether you plan to explore the architecture in Rome, catch a tan on a beach in Sardinia or ski in the mountains, Italy will accommodate you and your budget.

Fall in love with Italy any time of the year. Every season offers something to see and do depending on where you want to visit. The short flight duration (from the UK) means you can even enjoy Italy over a long weekend if you don’t have time for a longer holiday. It really is a place which ticks all the boxes.

And if you’re stuck for some inspiration on which season matches your ideal holiday then continue reading or look at our latest holiday deals and travels offers to Italy.

March to May (Spring)


If you don’t fancy a trip to Italy fighting the tourist crowds in summer or feeling a chill in Winter, then what better time to go than in a shoulder season. Visit Italy in Spring and see your favourite destinations blossom just outside of peak time. It is a season which offers a pleasant, mild climate with more daylight hours making it the perfect time for you to thoroughly explore cities such as Florence and Milan. Experience museums and attractions like the Colosseum in Rome and dodge the queues which will be lengthy once summer begins. Spring is a season which sees Italy bloom with colour. The first rays of sun appear as early as March in places such as Sardinia where beaches will be quieter and the weather will be comfortable making it possible for a dip in the sea.

So if you’re looking for reasonable weather and low prices, then Spring is the ideal time for you. Beat the crowds and see the best of Italy at a price that excites you.

June to August (Summer)


Summer is the peak of tourist season as people flood in from lots of different directions to enjoy the sun, heat and culture. Popular cities such as Venice, Rome and Florence will be particularly busy and its clear why. With the beautiful weather and buzzing vibe, Italy really does come to life during this season. Whether you are planning a city break or a relaxing beach holiday you will be guaranteed warm weather and the chance to understand and taste Italian living.

Experience the best gelato in Sicily or watch the Palio di Siena – Italy’s most famous and annual horse race which takes place in Siena in July and August. Alternatively, if you’d rather steer away from city life then there are many places to choose from for a seaside stay. Rent a boat and discover Italy’s best secret: the Golfo di Orosei in Sardinia. If you’re looking for breathtaking white sandy beaches then there’s a sun-lounger waiting for you here.

Whatever type of trip you wish to make to Italy, we will help you save on your next trip with the unbelievable holiday deals we’ve handpicked for you.

September to November (Autumn)


When the crowds start to disappear and the trees transform to shades of red, yellow and orange, you know that summer has come to an end. But that doesn’t mean a holiday to Italy is over. If you prefer cooler weather, lower prices and breathing space from the crowds, then autumn is your ideal time to go. Because its harvest time, its also the season for food festivals or sagras where you can learn and indulge in the best of Italian food. Head to San Miniato for the white truffle fair or experience the best wine at Festa Dell’uva. Or if you just want to enjoy the energy, you can’t miss out.

Autumn explodes with colour and since the daytimes become shorter you can enjoy the cities after dark. Take a stroll after dinner where you can take your time admiring the history and art without waiting behind the crowds.

If you’re passionate for food or want to enjoy Italy at a warm but quieter time then your season is Autumn.

December to February (Winter)


The highlight of any winter break is of course Christmas and Italy has a lot to offer during this holiday. Many cities light their monuments at night with decorations, making an evening wander enjoyable and romantic. Festive markets open which can be found across the entire country, popular with both tourists and locals. For winter sport fans, Italy has many places for skiing such as Val Gardena and Livigno which tend to be cheaper than France or Switzerland, helping you save on your winter break.

January may be the most common month to moan about, but not in Italy. Once Christmas is over there’s lots of shopping which can be done. Don’t pay full price and save your money in the January sales in Florence. You won’t be disappointed.

There really isn’t ever a bad time for a holiday to Italy but there is a time which will suit you. Our team of experts find exclusive rates and offers to Italy ensuring you save on your next break.

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