10 things all Brits are guilty of doing on holiday

Summer is fast approaching and so may be your summer holiday. Here are the top things we all do on holiday mostly without even realising. It’s a British thing.

1. Packing your whole wardrobe


We have all proved to be incapable of packing before a holiday trying to cram our whole wardrobe in one suitcase. And do we wear any of it? Nope. If you’re going away for 3 nights that definitely means you need 10 pairs of pants.

2. Moaning “its too hot” throughout the holiday 


We go away for the sun but then end up moaning throughout the duration of the holiday that it’s too hot…as if we didn’t expect it to be hot!

3. Instagram the same cliche pictures 


Unless we instagram it, did it even happen? You’re lying on a sun-lounger by the sea which means its definitely time to upload a picture of your ‘hot-dog’ legs captioned “Hows your Monday?”

4. Getting sunburnt…we never learn 


You suddenly think you’ve been living in the sun every day of your life as you rub on the tanning oil and prepare to fry. But like everytime, you turn a sore shade of red and then keep saying “it’ll turn brown” to try to justify it. You then spend the rest of the holiday drowning yourself in aftersun and struggling to shower.

5. “It’s fine once you get in!”


You start by just dipping the tip of your toe in, checking the temperature and contemplating how you’re going to get in the pool. Shall I just jump in? Nope, I’ll take it one step at a time. After about half an hour, you eventually get into the cold pool then finish by shouting “it’s fine once you get in!”…every single time.

6. Speaking in English with an accent over the top


“Can I see le menu?” You speak in English but think that putting some kind of accent on will help communication. 9 times out of 10 the waiter will reply “Yes…you can see the menu.”

7. Or using hand gestures for absolutely everything 


There’s something about being on holiday where we think we’re playing a game of Charades all the time by gesticulating everything. Need to ask for a menu? You enthusiastically open your palms up like a book. The food was good? Give a eager thumbs up!

8. That cliche picture which always goes completely wrong 


“Take a picture of me holding this!” is one of those pictures you always think is going to look cool, but takes about a hundred shots, your friend shouting “No! Move that hand up” and you realistically looking stupid holding your hands in the air for 5 minutes. But eventually when it goes right it HAS to go on Instagram.

9. Basing your overall holiday experience on the price of a pint 


Coming home and explaining to friends and family how good your holiday was but the one thing that stood out was definitely that “a pint was €1.50!”

10. Returning home and posting “Take me back” on every social media channel 


You return back to the miserable weather but your holiday doesn’t end there. No, that’s just beginning of the ‘Take me back’ and ‘#ThrowBackThursday’ posts, keeping everyone bored for even longer.

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