Top places to visit for your summer holiday

Summer is just around the corner and you may be stuck on knowing exactly where to go on your holiday. Looking for some inspiration? Continue reading our guide on the most popular places to go in 2018. Your perfect destination is just a flight away.

Algarve, Portugal

A European favourite for an affordable sunny holiday close to home. Algarve is top of many peoples lists, boasting a winning combination of spectacular beaches, inexpensive hotels, hot weather and reasonable pricing for both food and drink. Enjoy 300 days of sunshine a year and explore a country which caters for any type of holiday. Discover many spectacular beaches such as Ponta Da Piedade and find yourself relaxing amongst the rugged cliffs and breathtaking views. Or immerse yourself into the history and take a visit to one of the best examples of Moorish architecture at the Castle of Silves. Algarve has many different regions all offering its own particularities.


Must Visit – Benagil Caves

Benagil Sea Caves frequently make it onto the lists of the most stunning places in the world. Be amazed by this natural wonder where you can catch a glimpse of the blue skies and crystal clear waters through caved windows. It really is as beautiful as it looks.

Tenerife, Spain

Visit Tenerife any time of the year without disappointment and find an island full of culture and diversity. Whether you’re looking for white sandy beaches, hiking, mountains or history, there is something for you here. With the average lowest temperature being 17°C and the highest 25°C and more, Tenerife has a satisfying climate all year round. Venture beyond the stunning beaches and uncover an island which boasts the highest mountain in Spain, the Mount Teide. Take a cable car and experience flying over volcanoes, craters and lava flows until you reach the top at 3,718 m.


Must Visit – Garachico

Visit the charming village of Garachico and dive into the famous lava rock pools and sea channels. The swimming pools are suitable for everyone: from shallow calm waters to deep plunge pools. Its famous natural pools as well as its churches and historical buildings sitting on the cobbled streets have made this village become a very popular tourist destination.


Being the largest island in the Mediterranean, there is definitely something to suit everyone when visiting Cyprus. Hop on a flight for just over 4 hours and be guaranteed the good weather where the summer can see highs of 40°C. You won’t regret it when you see the sun-kissed beaches, shimmering blue seas and stunning archaeological remains from the roman period. Whether you’re off on a family holiday seeking fun and excitement or a romantic, relaxing getaway with your partner Cyprus will cater for you.


Must Visit – Ancient Kourion

If you are visiting Cyprus then you must visit the Ancient Kourion at least once. Perhaps the best known and most photographed site in Cyprus, the Kourion shows the ancient culture of the country as well as spectacular views of the ocean.


Attracting as many as 42 million tourists a year, Turkey is a popular destination for crystal clear waters, small villages, huge cities, mountains and ruins of ancient empires. Its clear why the country is ranked as the 6th most popular tourist destination in the world. Turkey is strikingly beautiful and incredibly diverse. You’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to beautiful beaches. Relax on the soft, white sand in front of deep blue waters. Or backpack through Turkey’s favourite long-distance trail, Lycian Way, which combines coastal trekking with ancient sites. A holiday to Turkey promises an exciting vacation.


Must VisitCappadocia

Located in Central Anatolia, Cappadocia is best known for its rocky, desert-like landscape, cave churches and houses caved into the rocks. See it all from above and soar over the landscape in a hot air balloon (which are open all year round) so you can get your perfect Instagram shot.

Marrakech, Morroco

Dive into an exotic city offering vibrant culture and fabulous charm. Visitors are always captivated by its lively environment, unique architecture and interesting entertainment. Visit the Souks and the market where you can find memorable goods and souvenirs such as beautiful fabrics, jewellery or ornaments. You will never experience shopping like it as you stroll past snake charmers, dancers and daily entertainment on your way.


Must VisitJemaa el-Fnaa

Take a trip to this busy square and be amazed by snake charmers, henna tattoo artists and the variety of food stalls offering culinary delights. Open both day and night, don’t miss out on indulging in traditional lamb dishes or the tagine. Jemaa el-Fnna is a chance to really experience the true culture of the city.

Which place are you going to explore? We have exclusive holiday deals to these destinations and many others. So, enjoy the very best of your summer holiday at a price which excites you.

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