Ever Wanted to Travel Around the World- This is a whole other level

Some people travel around the world on a very little budget or do it gradually over the years. But what if you have the money to do it all in one go, and in style? Well this is probably what your trip would look like.

‘New private jet tour whisks travellers to the most iconic locations on Earth… all in just 25 days (but it will set you back £53,000)’. VeryFirstTo presents a spectacular trip by private jet to a choice selection of what have been voted the most impressive travel icons in the world. TCS Expeditions, through Hurlingham Travel, is offering the 25-day trip which takes in various icons in 8 outstanding countries – staying exclusively in Four Seasons Hotels throughout. Although the price is steep is does include all meals, transportation, beverages, tips and baggage handling.


USA, Seattle
Japan, Tokyo
China, Beijing
Tanzania, Serengeti
Turkey, Istanbul
Russia, St. Petersburg
Morocco, Marrakech
USA, Boston






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