British Airways Asks Pilots What There Top Views Are

British Airways recently asked pilots for their top 10 airport approaches. There top 10 were:

1 Northern Lights – on North American flights

2 Central London – Approach into Heathrow

3 Mont Blanc – Approach to Pisa

4 Sydney Harbour – Departure from Sydney

5 Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz and bay – Approach into San Francisco

6 Greenland – North Atlantic flights

7 Venetian canals – Approach into Venice

8 Table Mountain – Approach into Cape Town

9 Dubrovnik – Approach into Dubrovnik

10 Mount Fuji – Approach or Departure from Tokyo (Narita)

I think my favourite would definitely be the departure from Sydney, it is such an amazing city and to see if from the sky makes you realise how vast and beautiful it really is. I am not sure I would agree with the approach into Heathrow being number 2, as lovely as London is when you look at the other images Heathrow definitely doesn’t have the same appeal. 

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