Food and Wine Festivals Perfect for You!

HeaderWhether you’re searching after the perfect bottle of wine, or wondering to go when you fancy a huge slice of pizza – you’re in luck – as Hotel Exclusives has found a food festival suitable for whatever you need. We’ve chosen of the best food festivals around the world, the question is, which delicious destination will you book?

The UK

Summer’s finally here and we’re seeing one of the hottest heatwaves ever this year in the UK. So instead of staying in your own home town, why not pack up and go on an adventure instead. It’s the perfect time of year to sit outside and enjoy a glass of Pimm’s or even have a BBQ but why do all the cooking when you can go to so many different wine or food festival? Just this month there’s the big Great British Food Festival on in Hertfordshire at Knebworth House. Here you can chill out as a family, and even take your fluffy friend along, alternatively it can give you that down time as a couple you deserve. If this sounds great to you but need somewhere to stay then take a look at one of our hotels located just 25 miles away.

UK Wine Festival.jpg



If your feeling even more adventurous then why not go for a food festival abroad. This November France will be celebrating its 22nd Epcot Food & Wine Festival. You’ll be a real wine connoisseur after visiting this. But instead of just going for the day, turn it into a weekend or week-long trip. Staying a week in France in November can be the perfect time to stop over and visit their Christmas Markets too.

France Festival



Are you a seafood lover? Then you need to fish out this fantastic fish festival in Ireland. Every year in September Galway is busy preparing for the International Oyster and Seafood Festival – the most longest running in the world. It hosts a series of events for seafood fans, including the Oyster Opening Championship. Don’t mullet over too long and book now!

Seafood Festival Ireland



Some may think that Germany’s Oktoberfest is a place for beer-swilling visitors to drink themselves silly, but it’s so much more than that! The world’s largest 16-day folk festival attracts around 6 million visitors every September, and once you step inside, you’ll soon become infected by its party atmosphere. Sample local beers by the litre and indulge in tasty, traditional Bavarian food – including pretzels, grilled sausages, chicken. The “liquid gold” is the most popular thing at the festival, with more than 5 million litres of beer consumed every year, but there is plenty more to drink if beer isn’t your bag. So, what are you waiting for? Jet away to Munich this year and don’t miss out!

German Festival



Deep down everyone is a chocolate lover, no matter how much we try to hide it! One you need to tick of your list is a visit to the International Chocolate Festival in March in Portugal, you’ll feel like you’ve stepped straight onto the set of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Your sweet tooth will definitely be satisfied at this fest. Watch as the cobbled streets of Portugal are almost entirely transformed into chocolate. It’s perfect for a family holiday too with the Kids’ Chocolate House where they can get messy preparing their own chocolate. There’s plenty of adult cooking classes too so don’t worry about missing you! Plus, you can’t miss the chocolate fashion show on the final Saturday.

Chocolate Festival Portugal



If pizza is your perfect dish then, naturally, Italy would be the first place to head. Every September Naples celebrates the love for Pizza with the annual Pizzafest, a cheesy and cheerful event where you’ll find the best dough-throwing skills, workshops, live shows and more – it’s certainly stuffed full of flavour! During this week-long food carnival, the city centre welcomes 500,000 visitor’s eager to taste over 100,000 pizzas. The festival’s main highlight though is the cooking competition between famous pizzerias around the world and the local pizzaioli. So, if you’re searching for the tastiest slice, wait until the finale when the best pizza of the festival is announced!

Pizzafest Italy


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