A Guide to the Perfect City Break

Are you the last-minute type? Do you like to jet away for a quick weekend break? Then why not book the perfect city break? If you get bored lying on the beach for two weeks, then a city break is definitely what you need! Here at Hotel Exclusives we’ve put the perfect guide together to make your short stop full of memories to remember!

First, pick your city! There are so many cities to visit, plus, you can travel by a plane, and a journey that’s under two hours with a fare that costs less than a train ticket to Scotland.  So, we’re trying to help you tick-off cities on your list and swap the odd weekend here and there from flicking through magazines in your dressing gowns to exploring new places, eating, drinking and repeating exactly the same the next day.


Second, book early if you have a specific date in mind. All of our city break offers come flight inclusive so what more do you need. Booking a city break through us really does give you that stress free weekend you well and truly deserve!

Girl with Suitcase

And finally, what to do whilst you’re there? To find the best food and top tourism attractions, TripAdvisor is always a great place to start, although we suggest that once you’re settled on what city you want to visit, purchase a Wallpaper Guide. Not only is this like collecting top trumps (plus they look nice on your bookshelf), they house some of the best recommendations for food, culture, hotels, districts and shopping. They’re small, but perfectly formed so you can throw them in your bag for the day. They also house a section called ’24 hours’ where they pick out their top picks if you’re limited for time in the city.


Want to book a city break? Find your destination now.


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