6 things we all do on an all-inclusive holiday

1. Abuse the bar 


When everything is all-inclusive you suddenly think it’s your duty to have a cocktail with breakfast.

2. Consume enough food to feed 5 people 


You spend months trying to get the perfect summer body, then as soon as you arrive you let go of all the food guilt. Ice cream for breakfast? Yeah, why not?

3. Eat anything but the local cuisine


“Hmm…the Paella does sound nice but but I think i’ll go for the burger and chips please!” – Sticking to what you know!

4. Refuse to leave the resort because you’ll have to pay for things


You have everything on your doorstep so why leave? It’s only going to mean you’re going to have to pay for extras.

5. And if you do decide to leave the resort its necessary to sneak food out of the restaurant


Eyeing up the waiter to check when you can ‘make the run’, whilst your pockets are filled with food wrapped in tissue.

6. Have the option of 4 or 5 pools but always going to the same one and the same spot


Once you’ve picked a spot, that is the spot for the whole holiday. You won’t even attempt to try any other pool.

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