What you need to know about taking a holiday during Ramadan

From Tuesday 15th May to Thursday 14th June, Muslims across the world will celebrate Ramadan – the ninth month of the Muslim year, during which strict fasting is monitored from sunrise to sunset. This sacred month sees Islamic culture abstain from pleasure and enjoy family time. However, tourists should not hesitate about taking a holiday during this month. There are many cultural festivals and entertainment that take place where you can educate yourself on this yearly holy tradition. Places such as Dubai and Egypt become relatively cheaper making it the perfect time for you to travel to your dream destinations at a lower cost. Yet, is it still important to be aware of the etiquette before you go.

Is it fine to go on holiday during Ramadan? 


Ramadan is a time where Muslims do not eat or drink anything between dawn and sunset and instead dedicate their time for prayer. So how will this affect your holiday? There is no reason why you shouldn’t go on holiday during Ramadan. Countries celebrating this tradition welcome tourists with open arms providing an opportunity to dive into the vibrant culture. As long as you respect the rules, your holiday will be no different to any other time.

Can I eat and drink in public?

Non-Muslims are not required to fast but it is not accepted to eat, drink or smoke in public. There are designated areas or restaurants where you can eat and drink during fasting hours without offending others participating in this holy month. Children however, are allowed to eat and drink in public.

Is alcohol allowed?

Consuming alcohol is forbidden in public during Ramadan. However, tourists can drink alcohol in certain hotel bars or order it from room service as long as its in moderation. Some nightclubs will close but most bars, pubs and lounges will stay open but only serve alcohol after sunset.

Will everything still be open during Ramadan?

Supermarkets stay open throughout the day, takeaway food can still be delivered and some restaurants will remain open. Malls are open as normal and some for an extra hour or so at night. Depending on the mall, closing times could be as late as midnight. Most tourist attractions are open, although they may have different opening times but you won’t have to queue.

Things to remember


Your holiday during Ramadan will be no different as long you respect the rules. You can still go to the beach, enjoy many attractions, explore Ramadan markets and even get involved in the tradition yourself. After hours, discover the many cooking stations where you can enjoy energising Ramadan drinks and delicious cuisine. Or spend an evening at a shisha bar and be entertained by the belly dancers. There’s just as much to explore during Ramadan.

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