Affordable places to get married abroad

As May approaches it might be time to start thinking about where you’re going to plan your wedding (or spend your honeymoon). If you don’t trust the inconsistent UK weather to give you sunshine on your special day, then take a look at these affordable wedding destinations we’ve handpicked for you.

Dominican Republic

2Endless white sandy beaches, clear waters and a tropical climate, Dominican Republic is paradise at an affordable price. Most of the resorts are all-inclusive and many offer package deals for weddings and couples. If you’re looking for the best-value beach holiday in the Caribbean then this is the place to be.

Puerto Rico 


Discover the diversity of Puerto Rico. Relax on the picture-perfect beaches or hike up the mountains. Whether you’re after a quiet scene or somewhere more lively, Puerto Rico has it all making it the perfect place to plan a wedding which suits your taste. What’s more is the price. Whilst the average spend of a wedding in the US sits between $20,000 to $30,000, you can plan your occassion in Puerto Rico for as little as $2,000.

Crete, Greece


One of the most popular places to get married in Greece is of course, Santorini. However, this can prove to be fairly expensive and there thousands of other beautiful islands to consider. Crete offers turquoise waters, sandy beaches and a warm climate. As well as being cost-friendly, this destination situates only a few hours away making it the perfect location for large parties on a budget.



Consider marrying your soulmate surrounded by beautiful scenery and breathtaking beaches, all at an affordable price. For a place so beautiful its amazing how wedding packages can cost as little as £999! Enjoy sun all year round without hurting your bank balance.



If you’re planning a quiet wedding with just a few guests then make your occasion memorable in Thailand. Aside from the flights, Thailand is one of the cheapest countries to get married in. Considering a wedding in the UK is on average £20,000, enjoy your day for as low as £6,500 (30 guests) surrounded by spectacular beauty.

If you’re looking at going abroad for your special day or if any of these places inspire you for your next break then say “I do” to our exclusive holiday offers.

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10 of the worlds most beautiful and unique places to visit

Not sure where to go for your next holiday?  Hopefully our pick of the worlds most beautiful and unique places will inspire you to pick up your passport.

Pamukkale, Turkey 


Located in Western Turkey, these thermal pools filled with turquoise water beats any infinity pool you’ve ever seen. Bathe like never before in natural thermal waters which range from 95 to 212 degrees Fahrenheit all year round.

Machu Picchu, Peru


7,000 feet high on a hill in the Andes Mountains sits an Incan citadel. Known as one of the worlds most sacred places, Machu Picchu is a common destination for spiritual seekers offering memorizing views and ancient ruins.

Santorini, Greece


Santorini is definitely the type of place you see on a postcard. The whitewashed buildings with bright blue rooftops make it clear why this island is so strikingly beautiful. Overlooking the crystal-clear waters, it really is the type of place you’d envision in your dreams.

Zhangye Danxia Geopark, China


Rainbow coloured mountains covering an area of 322 square kilometers, this geological wonder is like a painting on a canvas. Situated in Gansu, this attraction became a national geopark in November 2011 and has been voted one of the most beautiful landforms in China.

Ashikaga Flower Park: Ashikaga, Japan


 Chosen as one of the top 10 international dream destinations by CNN in 2014, the Ashikaga Flower Park in Japan is home to more than 350 beautiful wisteria trees. Discover the beauty of the Japanese Wisteria flower and many other beautiful flowers over a 92,000 square-meter area open all year round.

Tiger Nest, Bhutan


Hike to the Tiger’s Nest, a Himalayan Buddhist sacred site and the temple located in the cliff side. Also known as Paro Takstang, this iconic landmark sits more than 10,000 feet high and continues to be a top tourist attraction. A trip to Butan would definitely not be complete without seeing this famous and popular monastery.

Maldives, South Asia


A top honey-moon destination and its no wonder why. The tropical island is compared to paradise with its stunning white sandy beaches and natural beauty. With over 5,000 water villas, wake up elevated above the ocean overlooking breathtaking views. On top of that, this luxurious island is set to open the world’s first underwater hotel residence at the end of 2018.

Lake Hillier, Australia


There are many unique and bizarre pink lakes which live in Australia. Lake Hillier is one of Australia’s most famous pink lakes and yes, you can swim in it. It is not known exactly why the lakes are pink but it is speculated by scientists that the colour comes from a combination of high salt crust, the temperature and low rainfall.

The Wave, Arizona


Visit the strange but fascinating rock formations located in Northern Arizona where the patterns in the rocks make it seem as if some kind of rippling wave has frozen. The unique sandstone draws hikers, photographers and tourists from all over the world.

Plitvice Lakes, Croatia 10Around 1.2 million tourists flood in to visit the 16 remarkable terraced lakes and 90 waterfalls every year. A national park since 1949, this natural wonder is sure to capture your heart with its turquoise waters, cascading waterfalls and rocky mountains.

Which of these places would you like to visit? We offer exclusive travel deals at unbelievable prices so that you don’t miss out.

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10 things all Brits are guilty of doing on holiday

Summer is fast approaching and so may be your summer holiday. Here are the top things we all do on holiday mostly without even realising. It’s a British thing.

1. Packing your whole wardrobe


We have all proved to be incapable of packing before a holiday trying to cram our whole wardrobe in one suitcase. And do we wear any of it? Nope. If you’re going away for 3 nights that definitely means you need 10 pairs of pants.

2. Moaning “its too hot” throughout the holiday 


We go away for the sun but then end up moaning throughout the duration of the holiday that it’s too hot…as if we didn’t expect it to be hot!

3. Instagram the same cliche pictures 


Unless we instagram it, did it even happen? You’re lying on a sun-lounger by the sea which means its definitely time to upload a picture of your ‘hot-dog’ legs captioned “Hows your Monday?”

4. Getting sunburnt…we never learn 


You suddenly think you’ve been living in the sun every day of your life as you rub on the tanning oil and prepare to fry. But like everytime, you turn a sore shade of red and then keep saying “it’ll turn brown” to try to justify it. You then spend the rest of the holiday drowning yourself in aftersun and struggling to shower.

5. “It’s fine once you get in!”


You start by just dipping the tip of your toe in, checking the temperature and contemplating how you’re going to get in the pool. Shall I just jump in? Nope, I’ll take it one step at a time. After about half an hour, you eventually get into the cold pool then finish by shouting “it’s fine once you get in!”…every single time.

6. Speaking in English with an accent over the top


“Can I see le menu?” You speak in English but think that putting some kind of accent on will help communication. 9 times out of 10 the waiter will reply “Yes…you can see the menu.”

7. Or using hand gestures for absolutely everything 


There’s something about being on holiday where we think we’re playing a game of Charades all the time by gesticulating everything. Need to ask for a menu? You enthusiastically open your palms up like a book. The food was good? Give a eager thumbs up!

8. That cliche picture which always goes completely wrong 


“Take a picture of me holding this!” is one of those pictures you always think is going to look cool, but takes about a hundred shots, your friend shouting “No! Move that hand up” and you realistically looking stupid holding your hands in the air for 5 minutes. But eventually when it goes right it HAS to go on Instagram.

9. Basing your overall holiday experience on the price of a pint 


Coming home and explaining to friends and family how good your holiday was but the one thing that stood out was definitely that “a pint was €1.50!”

10. Returning home and posting “Take me back” on every social media channel 


You return back to the miserable weather but your holiday doesn’t end there. No, that’s just beginning of the ‘Take me back’ and ‘#ThrowBackThursday’ posts, keeping everyone bored for even longer.

If you’re looking at going away this summer take a look at our exclusive holiday deals guaranteed to help you save on your next trip.

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Why a holiday to Dubai should be on your bucket list

Looking for some inspiration whilst planning your next trip to Dubai? Or if you haven’t been there before then I’m sure this will make you realise why this must be your next destination.

Dubai is a city which never sleeps or stops growing. Over the years it has undergone a complete transformation: from a quiet desert village to the quickest growing economy in the world. Dubai is definitely not just skyscrapers and shopping, but a city which has everything including guaranteed good weather which us Brits constantly moan for.

Dubai continuously aspires to be better. If London has the London Eye, then Dubai has the Ain Dubai – the largest Ferris wheel set to open within the next year. The Ain Dubai is supposed to carry nearly twice as many passengers and be 75 metres taller than the London Eye. It is a place which shocks us every year with new attractions and places bigger and better than anywhere else.


Whether you’re a tourist or a resident, we know there is so much to do. We’ve gathered together Dubai’s greatest highlights and along with our hotel deals and packages you can visit at a price too good to miss.

Dubai Mall


Experience shopping like no where else in the world. Dubai is the home to a shopper’s dream but even if shopping isn’t your favourite hobby, the famous mall is more than just a retail experience. Situated in downtown Dubai, the 13 million square foot mall is the largest in the world and contains 1,200 shops and various entertainment facilities. Visit the 33,000 underwater creatures at the aquarium or skate on the Olympic-sized ice rink. There really is something for everyone including free attractions such as the dinosaur exhibit or admiring the 830m tall Burj Khalifa from below.

And once you get hungry after a busy day then you have over 150 restaurants and cafes to choose from. Or opt to dine by the dancing foundation just outside the mall where you can watch a show with water, sound and light every evening.

Dubai Mall really is another world all under one roof.

Aquaventure Waterpark at Atlantis The Palm


Named the best waterpark in the world with shark filled lagoons, thrilling slides and up-close animal experiences its impossible not to be impressed. Part of the Atlantis The Palm resort, the 141 acre waterpark includes numerous pools, slides, rivers and a children’s area to accommodate all ages. Fight the rapids or whiz down the water slides whilst soaking up some sun. Or if you prefer a more relaxing experience then you can snooze on the lazy river. Aside from passing the sharks and rays in the clear tubed slides, you can get close and personal with ocean life. Interact with the dolphins and sea lions where you can enjoy a swim and even a kiss and cuddle!

Our team of experts found amazing hotel deals to Dubai including tickets to Aquaventure Waterpark. Don’t miss out on these exclusive packages. (See here)

Dubai desert experience


What is a holiday to Dubai without experiencing the original tourist attraction? The Arabian Desert offers not only a variety of amazing desert activities but also a chance to discover traditional Arab culture.  From camel rides to quad biking, sand boarding to 4×4 safari tours, the desert is packed with activities to do.

If the heat becomes too intense then it is a good idea to book a desert activity in the evening. Arrive at camp and watch the sun set whilst indulging in a variety of traditional cuisines. Entertained by belly dancers and sitting under the stars, you can even have the option to camp overnight.

The Walk at Jumeirah Beach Residence


A 1.7km stretch of shops, restaurants and attractions right by the beach, what more could you want? The Walk at JBR is one of the city’s most visited spots and its no wonder why. Shopping in boutique shops and international retailers is accompanied by a beautiful beachfront setting making your shopping experience like no other. Satisfy your taste buds with range of casual and formal restaurants which caters for all budgets. From small food stalls to luxury restaurants and everything in between, eat al fresco whilst watching the street entertainers and appreciating the views.

In a city full of air-conditioning, this outdoor shopping destination may get quite heated but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out. Its late opening hours mean you can still shop and enjoy a cool evening stroll.

So, if you’re craving heat, beaches, entertainment and luxury living then Dubai should definitely be on your bucket list. And if money is holding you back then worry no more. We find prices so low you’ll think it’s a mistake.

Treat yourself to visit one of the most amazing places in the world at an unbelievable price you can afford. We’ve got some fantastic holiday deals from £444pp.

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When to go to Italy and why

Home to fascinating historical art, outstanding beaches, infinite beauty and the best pizza and wine, where do you possibly start when planning your perfect holiday to Italy? With so many great aspects to consider it’s no wonder why Italy attracts so many people from all over the world when the choice of places to see and things to do are endless. Whether you plan to explore the architecture in Rome, catch a tan on a beach in Sardinia or ski in the mountains, Italy will accommodate you and your budget.

Fall in love with Italy any time of the year. Every season offers something to see and do depending on where you want to visit. The short flight duration (from the UK) means you can even enjoy Italy over a long weekend if you don’t have time for a longer holiday. It really is a place which ticks all the boxes.

And if you’re stuck for some inspiration on which season matches your ideal holiday then continue reading or look at our latest holiday deals and travels offers to Italy.

March to May (Spring)


If you don’t fancy a trip to Italy fighting the tourist crowds in summer or feeling a chill in Winter, then what better time to go than in a shoulder season. Visit Italy in Spring and see your favourite destinations blossom just outside of peak time. It is a season which offers a pleasant, mild climate with more daylight hours making it the perfect time for you to thoroughly explore cities such as Florence and Milan. Experience museums and attractions like the Colosseum in Rome and dodge the queues which will be lengthy once summer begins. Spring is a season which sees Italy bloom with colour. The first rays of sun appear as early as March in places such as Sardinia where beaches will be quieter and the weather will be comfortable making it possible for a dip in the sea.

So if you’re looking for reasonable weather and low prices, then Spring is the ideal time for you. Beat the crowds and see the best of Italy at a price that excites you.

June to August (Summer)


Summer is the peak of tourist season as people flood in from lots of different directions to enjoy the sun, heat and culture. Popular cities such as Venice, Rome and Florence will be particularly busy and its clear why. With the beautiful weather and buzzing vibe, Italy really does come to life during this season. Whether you are planning a city break or a relaxing beach holiday you will be guaranteed warm weather and the chance to understand and taste Italian living.

Experience the best gelato in Sicily or watch the Palio di Siena – Italy’s most famous and annual horse race which takes place in Siena in July and August. Alternatively, if you’d rather steer away from city life then there are many places to choose from for a seaside stay. Rent a boat and discover Italy’s best secret: the Golfo di Orosei in Sardinia. If you’re looking for breathtaking white sandy beaches then there’s a sun-lounger waiting for you here.

Whatever type of trip you wish to make to Italy, we will help you save on your next trip with the unbelievable holiday deals we’ve handpicked for you.

September to November (Autumn)


When the crowds start to disappear and the trees transform to shades of red, yellow and orange, you know that summer has come to an end. But that doesn’t mean a holiday to Italy is over. If you prefer cooler weather, lower prices and breathing space from the crowds, then autumn is your ideal time to go. Because its harvest time, its also the season for food festivals or sagras where you can learn and indulge in the best of Italian food. Head to San Miniato for the white truffle fair or experience the best wine at Festa Dell’uva. Or if you just want to enjoy the energy, you can’t miss out.

Autumn explodes with colour and since the daytimes become shorter you can enjoy the cities after dark. Take a stroll after dinner where you can take your time admiring the history and art without waiting behind the crowds.

If you’re passionate for food or want to enjoy Italy at a warm but quieter time then your season is Autumn.

December to February (Winter)


The highlight of any winter break is of course Christmas and Italy has a lot to offer during this holiday. Many cities light their monuments at night with decorations, making an evening wander enjoyable and romantic. Festive markets open which can be found across the entire country, popular with both tourists and locals. For winter sport fans, Italy has many places for skiing such as Val Gardena and Livigno which tend to be cheaper than France or Switzerland, helping you save on your winter break.

January may be the most common month to moan about, but not in Italy. Once Christmas is over there’s lots of shopping which can be done. Don’t pay full price and save your money in the January sales in Florence. You won’t be disappointed.

There really isn’t ever a bad time for a holiday to Italy but there is a time which will suit you. Our team of experts find exclusive rates and offers to Italy ensuring you save on your next break.

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Why London is the perfect city for your Easter break

Planning an adventure full of activities with the children or want to treat your loved one to an exclusive city break? The capital is the perfect Easter break away for families or friends of all ages and interests. In a city so big you will never find yourself short of the things to do as Samual Johnson once said “Once you are tired of London, you are tired of life.” Offering fine food, exciting attractions and endless sights, London is a city of full of culture with something for everyone. People come from all over the world to visit London and why? Well, what’s not to love about the city?


London blossoms in Spring making it the best time to visit the most iconic buildings and landmarks, some thousands of years old. From Big Ben, The Shard and Kensington Palace, London has it all and many of which you can actually experience. Enjoy the views from the London Eye to see the city’s forever evolving skyline or enjoy the city from below by taking a river tour on the Thames. London will never fail to amaze you. And if you ever get a tired of the city vibe, you can always escape and explore the royal parks such as Hyde Park or Kensington Gardens.

If sight-seeing and history isn’t your cup of tea, then don’t worry – London caters for everyone. It is the fashion capital with infinite shopping to satisfy all tastes and budgets. From Camden Market to Selfridges and everything in between, you won’t find diversity like this anywhere else. Or if it isn’t time for pay day just yet, then your day doesn’t have to be expensive. London is not short of attractions for you or the kids, hundreds of which are free. Spend a day with the dinosaurs at the National History Museum or immerse yourself in a world of technology and science at the Science Museum – you truly are spoilt for choice. Our team of experts are always finding travel deals offering hotel and attraction packages which are too good to let go.


And if its date night then London has you covered. The city is so multicultural that it has something for every taste, whether that’s in street food markets or a fancy restaurant. After dinner discover why London is the capital for performing arts. The Lion King, Les Misérables and Wicked are just some of the many famously known West End musicals. Luckily for you, we’ve scoured the internet and found unbelievable hotel deals including theatre tickets, meaning you won’t miss out on some of the best theatre shows in the world. All our hotel offers are ideally located to access attractions easily and with the convenience of London’s transport system, there are many ways you can get around.

London has the one of the greatest transport networks in the world connecting the city together in the easiest way for you. So, whether it’s your first time to London or you’re a regular, you will find travel simple to follow, affordable and quick. We’ve found top London breaks including rail fares where you can save yourself up to 50% on rail and hotel packages.

Whether you’re planning a holiday or a short weekend break, we want you to see London at its best and its lowest price.

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Believe it or not but now is the perfect time to book your cruise. Whether you’re after a short cruise around Europe or after something more adventurous and fancy something more along the lines of a three-week Mediterranean cruise we have got you covered.

Hotel Exclusives have just started working with a few new partners that have got all your cruise dreams and necessities covered. P&O Cruises are currently offering their two-night Short Breaks Cruise. For only £249.00 per person either you can’t really say no.


It might be short on time, but a 2-night Short Break to Bruges is long on life’s pleasures. Not only do you get to lap up the on-board experience; you also get to spend a day exploring the medieval nooks and crannies of Bruges. At every turn, you’ll be lured into sitting sipping a Trappist beer (with a side order of people watching), taking a canal ride or doing some serious chocolate shopping. A 2-night Short Break is the perfect chance to kick up your heels with friends, or to mark a special occasion with a loved one. Book today with P&O Cruises:


Alternatively, if you fancy something a bit more adventurous Cruise Nation have got a 24 Night Cruise to America on Offer. With a three-night free Stay in San Francisco, three-night free Stay in New York, and a two-night free Stay in Boston what else could you want from a cruise?



Cruise Nation are also offering a 16 Night Mediterranean cruise and it’s got so many hidden extra’s along with it!! With a five-night free Stay in Barcelona, an overnight stay in Cannes so you’ll be there for the Film Festival, and you also get a Grandstand ticket for Barcelona Grand Prix! It really is no surprise that so many people are looking more at cruises!



On the other hand if you want to have a look yourself head over to our Cruise Category and browse all our cruises from all our providers:


And if none of these tickle your fancy, then take a look at this week’s top tripspirations!